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Gabriola bacon!

Village Foods is doing a very excellent thing these days: selling meat from Gabriola farms. This is fantastic and very convenient. They’ve got Boulton’s beef (Somerset Farms), and sometimes local chicken, turkeys, and pork from local farms as well. And THIS! Oh my. It’s slab bacon, and it’s scrumptious. I think they’ll probably slice it […]

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Village Foods closed this afternoon

Thought you’d pop over to Village Foods to pick up some things for dinner? Think again. They’re closed. There’s a sign up saying that it’s due to an emergency situation, but no more details than that. Update: the store was closed due to the death of a staff member. We’re sad about that.

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The best thing about Village Foods

Those who’ve been reading this blog for years know that I’m not 100% happy with Village Foods. (See Spud on Gabriola: update.) But there are some things about Village Foods that please me a great deal, and this is one of them: local food! Garlic from Gabriola Garlic, beef from Boultons, pork from I-forget-where but […]

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Plaster casting on Gabriola

This is one of the unusual characters hanging around at Folklife Village this week. I think there are three, but who knows? Maybe more have appeared since I went by. A sign outside Gabriola Artworks explains: Demonstration of life-size casting by sculptor Linda Richter. Saturday August 20th, 10am. To promote the Gabriola Theatre Festival. local […]

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Ah, Village Food Market. There you in in the dying light of late afternoon, covered in snow. The white becomes you. I’d suggest that you wear white more often, but then all of Gabriola would have to wear white more often, and that wouldn’t do.

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