Gabriola bacon!

Gabriola slab baconVillage Foods is doing a very excellent thing these days: selling meat from Gabriola farms. This is fantastic and very convenient. They’ve got Boulton’s beef (Somerset Farms), and sometimes local chicken, turkeys, and pork from local farms as well.

And THIS! Oh my. It’s slab bacon, and it’s scrumptious. I think they’ll probably slice it for you if you ask; we just buy a huge chunk and slice it ourselves.

Imagine my joy at finding this much bacon in one happy piece:

Gabriola bacon

That package is probably about 15 inches long.

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  1. Wow…love that slab bacon… thanks for the info . I will definitely be on the look out for that one. I also love all the local farm products , available in Village Foods. I think one of the staff from the meat department said, that they intend to keep one meat case or section.. just for our local products. Good news…. love that!

  2. Happy bacon-eating, Arlene!

    I hope we’ll see an immense variety of Gabriola meats for sale at Village Foods. (And elsewhere on the island. Buying directly from farms is very cool, and I love doing that.)

  3. Thanks Gabriolan… Agree w/you 100 % … Local is a very good thing. My fav as well. Just love the Farmer’s market shopping too .. looking forward to that season. See you around ! all the best .

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