Duke Point Stinks website protests incinerator plan

You’ve probably heard about the proposal to build a huge garbage incinerator at Duke Point, which is about as close to Gabriola as you can get. The latest on this is in the Flying Shingle: Incinerator group requests secret meeting with district.

It’s all very depressing from an environmental point of view. Who wants to have pollution from vast amounts of burning rubbish in the air we breathe?

Some locals have created a website to help fight against the incinerator proposal. It is DukePointStinks.org. Go take a look at it if this is an issue you care about.

One response

  1. The prospect of garbage incinerators has gotten the attention of many around the globe. The world is now watching British Columbia and especially Nanaimo. We say No To Incinerators and we say “vote for Zero Waste/No Incinerator candidates”. Join with the international anti incinerator movement and send us your No Incinerator photo to [email address removed by moderator] and let your politicians and candidates know Burning Garbage Stinks! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imSqtN7RuZQ We must all work together collaboratively.

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