painted Hydro poleThis is the intersection of North Road and South Road, seen from the Gabriola Post Office. And, oh my, look what’s happened to the hydro pole! It’s become a giant yellow pencil. This is the first painted pole I’ve seen, but apparently there will be many more on the island. Kathy Ramsay’s article in The Sounder explains:

In partnership with BC Hydro, the Gabriola Arts Council has permission to paint the island’s hydro poles. How fun is that, eh?

But the arts council has a bigger vision than just painting the odd pole here and there. GAC envisions an island-wide public art installation that is both cohesive and tasteful while reflecting the art, culture and history of this beautiful island. [continue]

If you’ve got painted poles on your part of the island (or other interesting things, really) I’d love to see them. Let me know if you’ve got a photo you’d like to send.

UPDATE/see also: This would blend in.