Perfumes without whale barf

I never did find out what the weird goop on Whalebone beach is, but that post did get me to read up on ambergris, which is used in making perfumes. Well. Here’s an alternative to ambergris: How to make high-end perfumes without whale barf.

University of British Columbia researchers have identified a gene in balsam fir trees that could facilitate cheaper and more sustainable production of plant-based fixatives and scents used in the fragrance industry and reduce the need for ambergris, a substance harvested from whale barf.

When sperm whales consume sharp objects, such as seashells and fish bones, their gut produces a sticky substance to protect their digestive organs. They then regurgitate the mixture – much like cats throwing up fur balls – and the vomit, reacting with seawater, turns into rock-like objects that wash ashore. These are collected and refined for their fixative properties. Called ambergris, the scented compound is added to high-end perfumes to help the fragrance stay on the skin longer. [continue]

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  1. This is great news! Ambergris is one of my favourite notes in perfume, even though ‘whale barf’ doesn’t sound as if it would smell particularly good. It does!

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