North Road at Brydie is Morleyville.

Back in the day it didn’t take much to get attention on Gabriola. When a fellow named Don Morley built a couple of houses on this stretch of North Road, the area was christened ‘Morleyville’ by the local wags. He went on to build five or six homes along there and the name stuck – although many of those living there now may not be aware of it.  Unofficially, Morleyville is that stretch of North Road between Barrett Road and Colleen where a small half-acre-lot subdivision took place in the 1960’s.   Nearly all of the lots have been developed now, and most of Morley’s houses remain – renovated and rejuvenated from their original construction. Mr.Morley eventually left the island – under a bit of a cloud according to some, who allege he cryptically changed his name for reasons unknown.

With more pedestrians about, commuters from the south end who regularly pass through Morleyville should know enough to slow down for the kids and pets – and trees.   Not many years ago, a speeding south-end commuter made the news when he  hit one of the many large and unforgiving trees that grow very close to the road in Morleyville. The scar on the tree will be there for a long time.


Barks missing…..from the tree and the dog that died in the crash.

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  1. Thank you for this website. Well done! Do you have any information on the “Stump Farm” and on the cabins at Twin Beaches? Thanks.

    • Hi Carolyn. Thanks for your interest. The stump farm is up an old logging road across South Road from Hoggan Lake about half a mile in. It was a nice flat sunny patch surrounded by Gabriola forest and dotted with old stumps. The cabin had no power or running water. It had a hardy tenant for many years, but was owned by the Coates family – who owned considerable chunks of the island in those days. I will look into it’s current status, but I think there as been a change in ownership. As far as the cabins at Twin Beaches – I am assuming you mean the places nearest the hand pump on the Taylor Bay side? There was a big dock in there years ago. The property is privately owned and the cabins have been upgraded and still remain. At one time they were more ‘summer’ cabins – as were most of the buildings in that neighbourhood -‘the sands’, where folks from Victoria had their vacation getaways.

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