Gabriola Realty

Gabriola RealtyWhen do you suppose this Gabriola Realty sign went up? It looks like it’s been in place for decades.

I’m fond of history, signs, and Gabriola — here all three interests come together in one happy place. So I’d love to know more about Gabriola Realty, which must have ceased to exist years ago. Was the company bought by Coast Realty?

And another thing: does the phone number on the sign seem oddly familiar? If so, you’ve probably ordered pizza from Underground Pizza, which had the number until recently. Since the Underground is out of business, one wonders if the number is currently available.

(If it is available, I’m sure some Gabriola realtor will be on the phone first thing tomorrow morning, trying to snag the number.)

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  1. Yep, the sign has been up for decades. So much so that the tree has grown, making it a hard one to come down.

    From what I know here’s a bit more history…

    Coast Realty Group (Gabriola Village) Ltd. purchased Gabriola Village in 1999, which was a company started by 4 Gabriola Realtors in around 1992.

    Gabriola Realty was in existence before that time. I believe it was Neil Wark & Ruth Nash & possibly Marg McCollum who worked there in the 1970’s. It was the Real Estate office on the island when we first moved to Gabriola in 1979, and who helped our family to relocate to the island.

  2. Thanks, Jennifer, for sharing those historical details. I hope the sign stays up. After all these years, it’s a bit of a landmark, no? And besides, every neighbourhood should have its own anachronism.

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