Gabriola’s chocolate problem

(Or rather: how it is impossible to find any decent chocolate on Gabriola today.)

Dear Village Foods,

chocolate-gabriolaDo you see the empty spot on the shelf? It’s where the Vivani Bitter 85% dark chocolate is supposed to be. Now, I ran out of chocolate a few weeks ago, and I’ve been checking this spot every single day for ages now. Every! Single! Day! No luck.

You’ve got lesser chocolates, but those are sweetened and weakened and adulturated confections for wimps. Trust me, if you get used to chocolate that is 85% or stronger, the heavens will open, angels will sing, and the flavonoids in chocolate will be yours. After that there is no turning back, and certainly no dabbling with lesser chocolates.

After weeks without chocolate, I’m planning a trip to Nanaimo to buy a crate of the stuff. If you’re not going to keep dark chocolate in stock, I’ll have to plan ahead more, and head into Nanaimo to visit grocery shops there. Or maybe I’ll order from some online store in order to get chocolate by post.

But considering that dark chocolate offers numerous health benefits, don’t you think it would be a kindness to Gabriola if you were keep the good stuff in stock? It can’t be that hard, can it?

UPDATE, December 11th, 2009: Village Foods has Vivani Bitter 85% dark chocolate in stock today, for the first time in ages. Bet it will be all sold out tomorrow.

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