Those amazing barnacles

GabriolaHere’s something to think about next time you spot a bajillion barnacles out at Berry Point. From National Geographic: Barnacles Can Change Penis Size and Shape.

In the peculiar world of barnacle sex, shape matters just as much as size.

To cope with changing tides and a sedentary lifestyle, the gnarly crustaceans have evolved penises that are eight times the length of their bodies—the longest relative to body size of any animal.

Now new research reveals that the creatures’ lengthy members can also change shape to suit their environment.

Barnacles living in gentle waters have long, thin penises best equipped for maximum reach, the study found.

But those animals living in rough waters have shorter, stouter penises that are better able to withstand strong waves.

The findings suggest [continue]

Aren’t you glad I’m here to tell you these things? Now you’ve got another interesting fact to share with your Gabriola visitors as you walk along the rocks.

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